Privacy statement

CFOflex attaches great importance to the careful handling of personal data and therefore adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) as applicable as of May 25, 2018.

CFOflex mediates on the labor market between, primarily, finance professionals (hereinafter referred to as “candidates”) and organizations seeking the deployment of these professionals (hereinafter referred to as “clients”). Personal data is collected and stored solely for this purpose.

With regard to the candidates, this concerns all data provided by the candidate (via the website, by e-mail or in another way). This relates in particular to the Curriculum Vitae – with all data that a candidate puts on it, including but not limited to name and address details, data relating to education and work experience – and any comments on it (hereinafter referred to as ‘data’). CFOflex supplements this data with any information obtained from personal interviews with candidates, any information obtained from references of candidates (which is only obtained in consultation with and with the consent of the candidate), and data relating to contact moments that have occurred between the candidate and employees of CFOflex.

With respect to clients only limited data is recorded, consisting of the contact details (name, position, organization, telephone number, e-mail address), possibly supplemented by the data relating to the relationship that CFOflex has with this client.

If a candidate submits her personal data via the CFOflex website (via the contact form) then it is stated that these data will be recorded and handled carefully and in line with regulations in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

The stored data of candidates is only accessible to employees of CFOflex. Candidate data is made available to third parties, including in particular but not limited to clients, only with the consent of the candidate. CFOflex asks the recipient of this data (client or others) to handle the data provided in accordance with the AVG but cannot be held liable for this.

The data of both candidates and clients are stored digitally in an application. This application is from a reputable software vendor and meets all security requirements set by this vendor and as included in the user agreement with this vendor. The data is in a secure environment in the Cloud at a reputable supplier of these services and is only accessible to designated employees of CFOflex. This supplier is fully compliant with the American-European Privacy Shield.

All candidates and clients may inspect the recorded data upon request and have it modified or deleted at any time.

All data will be kept as long as it is appropriate for the performance of services. Data will be deleted as soon as requested by the person concerned.

The website of CFOflex records no personally identifiable information regarding visits to this website. Only general anonymous data regarding the number of visitors, time and duration of visit, which pages are visited and the location from which the site is visited, are recorded.

CFOflex refers in the General Conditions to this Privacy Statement and asks Clients to take note of this Statement. In e-mail messages reference is also made to this Statement and the recipient of the message is asked – with respect to the content of the message and any personal data included therein – to comply with the applicable AVG.

Questions and/or complaints regarding this Privacy Statement can be directed to and will be dealt with within one week.

This Privacy statement is on the website of CFOflex and may be amended in the future. In case of material changes, stakeholders will be informed.

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